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Peter William Brian Barber

Blake Lapthorn Nominees Ltd, Compass Road, PO6 4ST Portsmouth
Business affairs, Construction and civil engineering, Computer and IT law, Intellectual property law, Transport, road and rail, EU law

Susanne Margaret Clargo

Ibm United Kingdom Limited, Cosham, PO6 3AU Portsmouth
Business affairs, Computer and IT law, Intellectual property law

Zusätzliche Treffer im Umkreis

Robert Clive Kerr

Shentons, Staple Gardens, SO23 9AD Winchester
Business affairs, Commercial property, Conveyancing residential, Intellectual property law, Charity law, Licensing law

Stephen Charles Izod

Callaghans, 18 Firgrove Hill, GU9 8LQ Farnham
Employment law, Commercial litigation, Civil litigation, Personal injury, Debt and money advice, Intellectual property law,

David Godfrey Finch Evans

Lamb Brooks, 39 Winchester Street, RG21 7EQ Basingstoke
Business affairs, Wills and probate, Commercial property, Commercial litigation, Intellectual property law

Michelle Duckworth

Parkes Browne, 24-32 London Street, SP10 2PE Andover
Employment law, Commercial litigation, Insolvency and bankruptcy, Civil litigation, Personal injury, Intellectual property law,

Robert Mario Mackenzie

Virgin Media Limited, Bartley Wood Business Park, RG27 9UP Hook
Business affairs, Employment law, Intellectual property law, Immigration law, Consumer problems, Common law,

Sarah Louise Walker

Motorola Limited, Crockford Lane, RG24 8WQ Basingstoke
Business affairs, Corporate finance, Employment law, Computer and IT law, Intellectual property law, Common law,

Andrew Johnson

Batt Broadbent, 42-44 Castle Street, SP1 3TX Salisbury
Business affairs, Trust law, Employment law, Commercial litigation, Intellectual property law,

John Mark Lello

Parker Bullen, 45 Castle Street, SP1 3SS Salisbury
Business affairs, Corporate finance, International law (non EU), Mergers and acquisitions, Intellectual property law, EU law