General Terms and Conditions

1. Coverage
The services of are rendered on the bases of the General Terms and Conditions of McAdvo Ltd. The General Terms and Conditions apply also to future business without the need of a specific inclusion. Amended General Terms and Conditions are agreed upon if the changes of the General Terms and Conditions are not objected within 7 days. Variances of this conditions are only applicable if has agreed to such in writing.

2. Duration of contract
The contract for a registration in the search service will be established by the customer sending the completed registration form and by written or digital confirmation of registration of The registration will be for the duration of 12 or 24 months. The data will be set up immediately after receipt of payment. From the date of the set up the data will be available in the internet for 12 or 24 months. The contract will not renew automatically if it is not your wish.

3. Description of service Character and volume of the service are result from the pricelist that is currently applicable. The customer is alone responsible for the legal examination and examination of the contents of the data delivered. An examination by does not take place. The promotion of an registered solicitor will take place in the internet. If employs Third Parties to provide its services, no contract between the Third Party and the customer is being established. Free of charge services provided by may be ceased or charged for after prior announcement.

4. Service Deadlines
Delays in services because of act of nature beyond control which makes the delivery of services for significantly difficult or impossible, e.g. strike, lock-out or official orders are not the responsibility of This also applies if such delays occur by Third Parties that might be employed by Such delays entitle to provide services prolonged for the duration of such hindrance or to withdraw from the contact entirely or partially from the contract because of the not fulfilled part.

5. Terms of Payment
Default of Payment Remuneration for the services of can be found in the currently applicable pricelist and is to be made always for twelve months in advance. The first payment will become due upon receipt of the confirmation of registration by the customer. Payment will become due within seven days of billing when the contract is being extended. reserves the right to adjust services and prices accordingly to the current market situation. Adjustments will take effect with the beginning of the new annual period of the contract. This applies only if has announced an increment latest two months before expiration of the registration-duration and the registered solicitor has not cancelled his subscription in due time. In case of a extension of the contract and default of payment of more than a month, is entitled to deactivate essential customer data or to cancel the contract without notice. The obligation to make payment remains unaffected. Further claims are unaffected.

6. Obligations of the customer
In the search-service solicitors may registered that are accredited in the Federal Republic of Germany. Independently from the declaration of terms for Specialist Solicitors, only priorities of interests and/or activities may be presented as part-areas of the profession. Altogether, not more than five declarations are permissible, of which a maximum of three priorities in activities.
Priorities in activities may be only declared if the solicitor worked after being accredited at least for two years in the said field. Priorities in interests and activities are to be marked as such. Upon receipt of the confirmation of registration, the customer is obliged to examine all information included for accuracy and completeness and to confirm the clearance within seven days in writing to If the written clearance has not been given within such time all data shown in the confirmation of registration are considered cleared. The customer has to notify immediately about any changes in his information that was given in his registration. If his work as solicitor is dormant or ceases, the customer is bound to notify immediately. will then deactivate the registered data. A refund of any payments made is excluded. has to be notified immediately of any notable damages or defects. The customer has to take all steps necessary to prevent any damages and to give the opportunity to determine and eliminate any damages. For the customer there is no obligation towards to establish a contract with a enquiring party. Enquiries of persons seeking legal advice should be dealt with promptly. Professional and ethically appropriate regulations are unaffected. may cancel the contract without notice if the customer has made false statements or has violated professional or ethical appropriate regulations. In such case the clearance of all data of the customer will be deactivated immediately and a refund will not be made.

7. Data protection
Unless otherwise agreed upon, all data provided to are considered not confidential. By submitting the registration forms the customer agrees to the processing of his data by and by Third Parties employed by under consideration of data protection laws.

8. Copyright and Ancillary copyright
Documents and pictures provided by the customer will be used only for the set up of the electronic data base, a return is excluded. Any copyrights being established by or by Third Parties employed by may not devolve to the customer.

9. Guarantee and Liabilities offers her internet services herself or through Third Parties employed by 24 hours, seven days a week. Necessary business interruptions for maintenance and repairs and interruptions due to technical faults do not establish any claims for damages by the customer. Unless there has been deliberate or negligent action, any claims for damages against or by her employed Third Parties are excluded. is not liable for damages that evolve from acts of nature beyond control that complicate the performance of services or make a performance of services impossible. This is also then applicable if such events occur by Third Parties employed by Liability for damages is excluded for software performances and/or services provided by Third Parties that are employed by reserves the right to cut off or change software performances and/or services or to change the service provider. is not liable for the completeness, accuracy and topicality of the data provided by her service providers. is not liable for loss of profit and not for direct or indirect damages irrespectively if they occur by the customer or third parties. In case of liability the amount of the compensation for damages shall be limited to the annual subscription. The exclusion or limitation of liability shall not apply for harm to life, body or health.

10. Summation
Withholding The customer may only offset undisputed or legally ascertained claims against claims of The customer has a right to retention only for claims from this contract.

11. Final Provisions
In case one or more of this policies are entirely or partially void, the remainder policies shall stay unaffected. The void or ineffective policies shall be construed or replaced by another admissible policy so that the economical or legal intention that were the reason for the void or ineffective policy may be achieved as far as possible. The same is applicable for possible hiatuses of this contract. Court of Jurisdiction is the registered office of McAdvo Ltd.