North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council


North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council
Cobolt 16
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne And Wear NE27 0BY

Legal Practitioners

Kit Fong Irene Ng
Business affairs, Corporate finance, Commercial property, Insolvency and bankruptcy, Intellectual property law, Licensing law
Paula Elizabeth Scully
Family law, Administrative and public law
Helen Margaret Coombs
Administrative and public law, Children law
Vivienne Margaret Geary
Employment law, Planning law, Administrative and public law, Education law, Licensing law
Carol Ann Humphries
Education law, Children law
Caroline Turnbull
Commercial property, Conveyancing residential
Stephen George Ballantyne
Employment law, Civil litigation, Advocacy, Administrative and public law
Wendy Stephen Innes
Landlord and tenant - residential, Civil litigation, Licensing law, Neighbour disputes, Environmental law
Zoe Atkinson
Family law, Civil litigation, Debt and money advice, Consumer problems, Children law
Jenifer Margaret Foster Clifford
Civil litigation, Planning law, Environmental law
Lynsey Anne Wafer
Family law, Criminal law, Children law
Alan Geoffrey Berriman
Business affairs, Administrative and public law
Diana Herbert
Family law, Education law, Children law
Anne Elisabeth Glassey
Commercial property, Conveyancing residential, Landlord and tenant - residential
Joanna Turnham

Louise Watson
Civil litigation, Education law, Licensing law, Children law, Environmental law