I have already applied for the cancellation of my profile at McAdvo.com, but why do I still appear in Google?

We complied with your request and removed your personal data from our search engine.

Concerning us, your entry has already been removed; unfortunately, we have no influence over Google.
Your link in Google should disappear soon, because Google crawls us every two to seven days and the link is already leading nowhere.
(When you click on the link in Google, only an empty page appears.)

How long Google keeps the link in its cache depends on the update of the respective Google Data Server, on which we also have no influence.
We have already made use of Google´s Webmaster Tool in order to remove your link.

Here is the Google quotation:

"The content which you have sent in for removal from the cache is advertised online on the third party provider´s web page.
As you certainly know, the information that is included in our search results appears on publicly accessible web pages of third party providers. Even if we remove a page from our index, the contents in question will still be available on the Internet. In order to remove this information from our search results and from the Internet please contact the webmaster of the respective third party provider´s web page.
After the desired alteration has been made, you can either propose to remove the cache copy or you can simply wait until the alteration can be seen in our search results after the next crawling of this page."

Your McAdvo.com-Team