McAdvo – The Independent Solicitor-Portal

You are looking for a solicitor specialising in a certain field of law in your area, then just make use of the most comprehensive Solicitor-Portal in the internet with more than 176,000 entries. McAdvo offers its users free of charge the opportunity to locate quick and reliable the right solicitor for all fields of law. Here, our solicitors on duty advise you via phone and e-mail with a solicitor hotline. The first call is free of charge (taking on a legal representation is possible). We help, simply tell us your problem. By updating their own office-data there is the opportunity for all accredited solicitors that they may be found specifically according to their qualification and areas of expertise and interests. In offering this service McAdvo would like to achieve that anyone looking for legal advice will find the correct and best solicitor in his region. That is why there was a new ranking system developed where the popularity of the solicitor is measured and displayed – an advantage for all of our clients. Moreover, the category “Our Top20 of the week” shows the current top of all active solicitors. But, McAdvo – the Independent Solicitor Portal can do more. Through changed conditions of the market that is caused by an oversupply of solicitors and a series of new laws and deregulatory measures, solicitors now have to face up to competition. The issue of marketing becomes increasingly important and the ban on advertisement has been relaxed already. Therefore, solicitors can advertise pinpointed with us in order to be found where they are being searched for. Through our link-service, McAdvo helps solicitors to represent themselves better with a well-designed easy-to-find website. McAdvo assists law students with the start of their professional career. Prospective legal professionals can already now register with McAdvo and thus go on “job search”. McAdvo – The Independent Solicitor Portal, our service for the future.